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Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How long does a Sebix money transfer usually take?

2 – How will my recipient receive the money?

3 – What are Sebix fees?

4 – How do I pay for a Sebix transaction?

5 – How much money can I send from Sebix?

6 – How will I Know that my financial information is secure?

7 - What are the Bank Deposit requirements in Brazil?

8 - Bank Deposit Requirements

1 - Sebix is committed to getting your money to its destination as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on our rapid money transfers, and we never hold on to your money longer than necessary. Some things that can slow down processing:

  • Additional information required by Sebix.
  • Payment processing / verifying your bank account.
  • Branch location hours / delivery hours / holidays.
  • Erroneous recipient details.

2 - Your recipient will receive money as a Bank Deposit, on the account you determine or in any other way we offer.

3 - Sebix Fees varies accordingly to the amount to be sent, usually between 5 to 10 dollars.

4 - All transactions must be paid in cash unless authorized by Sebix management.

5 - There is no limit for remittances, however Sebix will require additional documentation to be presented following the compliance policies and procedures.

6 – Sebix is committed to securing your financial information and uses proven technology to protect and secure your personal information. Per our Privacy Policy, all documentation will be secured, kept confidential and is only used for verification and compliance purposes.

7 - Bank Deposits are available at all major and most regional banks in Brazil. Funds can be deposited in Brazilian Reais (R$) and take an average of 1-2 business days to be deposited to your beneficiary's account.

8 - In order for your bank deposit to be processed in a timely manner, please make sure you provide all information needed for the transfer:

  • Bank Name.
  • Branch Number
  • Account Type (Checking or Savings)
  • Account Number
  • The entire name of your recipient as it appears on the recipient's Bank Account (include the maternal and paternal name accordingly)
  • The correct Recipient's CPF Number (11 digits)
  • Complete address, including the City and the State
  • A valid phone number (city code+ domestic number)

Sebix is certified and accredited and regulated by both the state and federal U.S. government agencies. Your recipient may also have limits on the amount of money received according to the type of account they have.

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