Become An Agent

Improve Your Revenue

We provide our agents with a superior remittance network that enables the agent to instantly grow their business. As an agent of Sebix Transfer one can immediately increase revenue with virtually no cost.

By joining our network of independent agents, your business and your partners will have access to our state-of-the-art remittance software that will offer customers an easier and faster way to send their money.

Our hired engineers are constantly working to further improve the platform, while offering support and end-to-end customer service via skype chat or email.

Why Become An Agent?

Our remittance software allows us to keep our data organized and easy to access. Your remittances will be sent faster than ever before. Quick and reliable is the name of the game.
The customers information is of our upmost importance. The information put into our software is encrypted and not accessible. When it comes to security we ensure all credentials are 100% safe.
By offering an improved, faster, and more reliable money transfer service, your customer base will surely grow. Time is money, make the move now!

If you would like to work with us please give us a call at the number given below or fill out our .

1-800-837-0250 Phone
1-800-837-7149 Fax
License No.: FT112152-100
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